A Word about Myself

It has become a part of good manners to write something about the author. This blog will make no difference. 

Catherine Varadi

Let me start from the very beginning. I have always been a child living the dream instead of reality. Whilst there was no internet back in the USSR, where I was born in 1967, I was keen on reading. The books opened me the opportunity to touch the sky and to enter the fairytale I have always admired. That was the moment I decided I will create magic someday, I believe. 

Then school began, where I was really good at languages. After winning the Moscow Olympiad of English Learners it seemed my path was more or less a given thing, so I graduated from Moscow State University a few years later with a degree in Hungarian philology. I have also found love in Hungary and married my beloved husband, who is still supporting me after all these 30 years. 

Life & career in the Soviet system was stable, reliable and plannable, being a bit boring and anti-creative on the other hand. But 1991 changed this towards some freedom and uncertainness. We started a family business running for nearly 30 years now. 

I still haven't mentioned paintings and magic yet, although nearly 25 years of my life passed since I started telling my story. I think the time has come. It was something like 1995 when I decided I need a hobby I'll love. Writing books was not an option, so I decided to paint. I have bought some oil paints, brushes, canvas.. It was a success all-in-all, my family and friends loved what I painted and even applied for a painting by me. I did not thought of myself as of an artist, though, and did not take this seriously. 

The hobby developed a bit, but the amount of work was enormous those days. This along with my first son's birth stopped me from painting - the hobby took to long to continue. 

25 years passed without painting. I was searching for my destiny in many ways and options - I became a teacher, a scriptwriter, a director in an amateur child theatre. I enjoyed it a lot, but it has never been enough. I felt I need something, and finally on January 21st, 2020 I decided to start painting again. Since that time I created a bunch of works in both oil & pastel, mostly concentrating on still life and scenery pictures.

Catherine Varadi painting

For the first time since so long I felt I am doing what I truly love and desire. It was more than just hobby - it became a lifestyle. I fell asleep every evening thinking of the next day's painting. I became sick if I could not paint for a day - I was really nuts about it. 

I would like to share my art now.