Beautiful bouquet


My beautiful bouquet is ready! 3 time-lapsed videos in the carousel!

It was longer time to paint it, because I put a ground layer at first, then it had it to be dried properly and only thereafter I could continue painting. As I already wrote in my other posts, flowers turned to be harder to paint for me than even people or animals (normally people are considered to be the most difficult nature, but it seems I am far from normality here, too))). But I work hard to change this, painting flowers again and again.

And this bouquet became a flight and lightness, I was painting it with greatest pleasure and without any fear, not noticing time pass.

And I think, it can be seen from the artwork. What do you think?

While I am celebrating a victory in flower painting, I got defeated by technical matters.

I intended to make time lapsed video of the whole process, but unfortunately I did not succeed. I have a video of the first stage in 2 parts and a partial video of details painting. But then the camera switched off, so the last stage is not seen. Nevertheless, I am still full of optimism, because each time I manage to go a bit further, so I hope once I will be able to present the whole process video to you!

The details of the artwork and 2 time lapsed videos are in the carousel.

The artwork is oil on stretched canvas, 50x50 cm.

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