We are at the Qatar International Art Festival

We are finally here at the Qatar International Art Festival! On September 25, the participants were taken around Doha on three buses. We visited the sports museum, the famous riding stables, the National Museum and also took a boat ride.

The Festival started on September 26 and surprises awaited the artists. As half of the participants were exposed outside to the 40-degree heat. And our stand is right at the entrance, we were lucky to have a visible and well-lit place. It was hard for us to stand the heat, but at least the visitors saw our pictures. In others, the situation was even worse, because the Italian delegation, for example, was given a stand in the hot sun, in others, its picture was hung not on the wall, but on the grid, and there was a ditch full of water even before the entrance... So, the festival turned out to be an adventure! But there were many visitors, maybe this type of picture placement is strange only to European eyes. I'm not saying that it's a huge job to organize such an event, for sure there can be problems everywhere. In any case, we think that in the future we will negotiate with the organizers as a gallery and we will check everything to keep the situation in our hands!