A palace or a fortress?

A palace or a fortress? Guess!

A new watercolour work of mine, A3. I tried to show that moment of spring when it is still cold, the water is under ice yet, but the trees are already covered by greenish smoke of future leaves… Honestly, I am so tired of winter, especially with this covid and lockdown shit. Some warm weather would come well! And this is a fortress, nor a castle! This is situated in Vyborg, a Russian town on Baltic sea. Being a Russian fortress, it was built by order of St. Olaf, a Swedish king in the XIII. century. And in the beginning of the XX. century this territory belonged to Finland!

So interesting history - and the building itself is so strong even after more 800 years (!!!) since it was built! There is a museum now, but currently it is closed for renovation. Do you like if I tell stories about my artworks? Please share your opinion in comments!

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