My story

Hi Friends,

 I am Catherine Varadi.

If you are here watching my paintings I think you may be interested in who I am, so I’ll try to introduce myself briefly (what a complicated task – to be brief :)

My life is really so special!

I was born in a country which does not exist anymore – in the  Soviet Union, and what is even more exciting – in its capital, Moscow. Whatever you may think, my life was not terrible at all. I had fantastic family with loving parents and grandparents, friends and  good school.  Afterwards I studied philology  in the best university of the country, in the Moscow Lomonosov University and graduated from it with honors.

By the way, beside English, I studied Hungarian and German  - and that determined my whole life, as I met my husband in Budapest, Hungary, where I went for undergraduate practice. He is Hungarian and in those years he studied economics in Corvinus University Budapest.

We have been together for more than 30 years already, we are in love with each other, have two beautiful and clever sons and a dog who is beautiful and clever just as all other family members (I am joking because I am not only clever and beautiful but also very, very modest :).

While living in Budapest, I graduated from the Hungarian Foreign Trade Institute with honors.  In the meanwhile together with my husband in 1991 we founded a company LAVECO Limited which has always been successful in company formation and administration all over the world, and  I worked as a commercial director of the company for almost three decades.

OK, but where does the art start?

 Why should we watch paintings created by a philologist and an expert in foregn trade, a businesswoman offering company inncorporation all over the world?

The exciting part is just about to come, though!

Till the age of 52, I never painted. I never took any drawing or art lessons or tutorials.

I was an average wife, mother, daughter, dog owner and businesswoman. Oh, yes, I also am  a teacher in a church school on Saturdays. So, my life was just tha same as of many-many other people in the world.

And then that DAY came.  On January 21, 2020, when COVID disaster took its first steps in the world, I started painting. I realized I do not want to work in business any more.


I felt there was something inside me that wanted to break out. I knew I can give much more to the world around me than I could being a commercial director.

I can give you a dream!

I am the hope itself – the hope that each of you can change his life whenever you want, even if you are out of a student age, even if you already have a career and a safe, well built  way in a well known direction maybe you are tired of.

With all my life, I show you that  you can be a winner! You can grab your life and change it.

I left a country where I was born – and it was a hard task, because I remain Russian and love my motherland.

I started to live  as a foreigner in Hungary, a country with one of the most difficult languages of the world, and I am a Hungarian now. I worked with lawyers, company directors, businessmen and I am not a foreigner any more!

I was born in a communist state with restrictions all around me – and now I am in the EU, my company had offices all over the world including UK,  Hong Kong, Hungary, Bulgaria and Cyprus. I am the citizen of the whole world, and I am free!

And I paint in different styles and techniques and I am happy and proud I can show you all how I feel.

Marketing specialists say I have to chose one way of painting and promote myself in that.

My answer is NO. After living in one of the most restricted states for 20 years I do not want to restrict my creativity.


Today I see  the world realistic and paint realistic pictures of our beautiful world. The sea, the mountains, people and animals – all so beautiful, and you recognize them and enjoy the world created by God for all of us through my paintings. And I will paint it - especially in the times of global lockdown and hysteria, when practically nobody is as free as he wishes to be. 

Tomorrow I will  feel like impressionist and I will grab  a painting tool and make impressionist paintings – why not? Should I be the same every day?

Yesterday I made truly terrific pictures in one of the most mysterious and tender materials  - soft pastel which makes the nature so specially geep and glowing.

And yes,  I also make interior  pictures, because I simply love them!

Maybe tomorrow I wish to paint in even more technques, so what? I will do it.

I am sure I will be successful. In less than one year of my art career I already had two personal exhibitions in Budapest and I am going to have more in other countries.

I will sell my paintings to those who want to enjoy the beauty of our world.


My paintings will add  plenty of good, warm, positive energy to your home or office because I love this world and am grateful for the talent I received from God.

I do not want to do anything but ART in my life. 

And I want to earn my living and also help others – I will donate to those who are not able to take care of themselves – disabled  children, elderly people and abandoned animals.


And  will always be  giving my love and happiness to all of you!


With love,
Catherine Váradi
P.S. You can also call me Katerina or Katja.