How it all began

I became a King House Art Gallery nominee. How did I start? 


When I started painting I never thought how to display my works - the art was just coming from my soul and had no connection to the real, materialistic world. As time passed I started to realise that there are too many paintings at home, and most of them were admired by my friends and family. 

My husband kept trying to convince me to start arranging exhibitions. First I was unwilling to do that, thinking I would never be interesting enough. Afterwards, the headmaster of the school my younger son goes to asked me to arrange an exhibition of my works at the school hall.

He wanted to show the students that nothing should stop anyone to do what they want to do. His idea was clear: even having a profession, a job, a family does not mean you can't get another one; having a hobby might become your job - you always have the right of decision. 


I loved the idea very much, so I arranged my paintings to be framed properly and transported safely to the school. 

The exhibition was arranged to be quite long - it started on October 2nd and finally came to an end on November 17th. The first day was also a Day for my presentation, as the headmaster wanted me to tell my story. 
As I already mentioned in my story (if you haven't read it yet, it might be interesting for you), I have been a teacher at the Orthodox Christian Children's School for more than 10 years now. I love my students very much, and they seem to love me in advance. As a great addition, most of my students attend the same school my son does, so it was an amazing event for me. 
I thought I should tell the students the whole story, with all my failures and successes as it could be truly helpful for them. Running a family business is an engaging activity, usually preventing people from doing time-consuming hobbies like painting. 
Then I told them how did I came to the decision this will be my main activity. I think that everyone should work with passion - this is the only way we can make this world a little better. It is quite hard, though, if you don't like what you do. Work becomes an exhausting, long-lasting and never-ending process, or as others call it, a nightmare. 
This is probably what I felt when I was thinking of starting painting. 

 I was convinced I am on the right way to the success. Not all of my paintings were good, but I was proud of myself - I was keep going! My family also believed in me very much, which helped a lot. 

 Finally, I am here. I am standing in the hall of Russian Embassy School in Budapest, with a buch of painting hanging behind me, talking to an audience of young, energetic students who were willing to know more about the world they are entering. 

It was truly fantastic. I am very thankful to all those people who helped me along the way to this small but significant event in my life. I am helpful to the Russian Embassy School and its Headmaster Alexey Sudakov, my family and friends, my dear students who encouraged me all the time. 
I was not sure if this exhibition is just a coincidence, or it is my first milestone. I understand it now, as more than a month passed since the exhibition was closed. But when one door closes, another one opens up. For me it was the King's Art Gallery nomination for 4 works.