Apple Session

Summer or Winter? Apples or the power the Snow Queen? You decide!

When you start to paint an artwork you should decide what or who is its pain "hero", the center of the whole. Normally that works like this, but not in this case!

I started to paint apples with oil and palette knife. And yes, there were also glass things, but in the background.

When I painted everything and wanted to make some stylisation, I realised that for me the main hero was the glass. How transparent it is, how fragile - and how sharp the pieces are when it is broken. And somehow I started to think about the castle of the Snow Queen, about the never ending winter, glass-like ice… and my hand did the stylisation itself! And with this, this artwork is not about apples! No and no! It is about the Snow Queen and those who are imprisoned in her cold castle!

Or maybe you think it otherwise? I would like you to say what you take out of this artwork, what it is about: apples or the Snow Queen???

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