Classic ballet

After a still life to paint something light, airy is a pleasure!

No geometry, no exact forms - isn't it cool? And if it is somehow connected with dancing or ballet - it is a special thing. Unfortunately I don't dance myself, but painting ballet or dance is great happiness.

On this artwork you see toe shoes, or pointe shoes - special shoes used now in classic ballet. Now their use is literally obligatory for ballet, but it was not always so.
In the XVIII. century they were used for roles of goddess or fairies - to show they are so light and poetic. Poinre shoes were used for dance for the first time in London in 1818 and starting from these tome they are used more and more. And starting from the middle of XX. century they are used also by men in classic ballet. You can buy pointe shoes, but professional dancers order them individually.
Normally they are made of satin fabric in light rose colour so that the legs of the dancer deem longer and more elegant.

This is soft pastel again, A3.

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