Eternal Fight


Want to have a pastel artwork safe? Here are some tips!
To have your pastel painting safe, you have to use a passe-partout, which is a specially cut cardboard, and glass. Passe-partout keeps the artwork away from the glass, so the pastel is completely safe - photo 1.
But you will say, glass reflects light, and it is hard to see the artwork through them. You are right if we talk about ordinary window glass. For artworks, we use special anti-glare glass, with no reflections - see it on photo 2.
I usually use museum glass for my artworks to be perfect. It is unbelievable, but believe me: if you are standing in front of the painting you will never think there is glass on it! Furthermore, with this glass the artwork becomes deeper, has a 3d-like effect - just look at photo 3! And yes, you have also to frame your pastel artwork with whatever frame you like. When I sell my pastel paintings I give a buyer a chance to buy it without frame or framed with passe-partout and museum glass. All artworks on the photos are mine and made with soft pastel. In the nearest future I will release a video about pastel artworks and the framing. So please keep in touch!

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