EVENTS August 2022

I am proud to announce that my artworks were selected for Solo Show in the Art Show International Gallery, USA. I have already loaded the artworks, so in the next day my solo online exhibition can be visited by the public!

On August, 10 the Diversia UN online exhibition was opened by Exhibizone Online Gallery, Canada. The subject of the exhibition is the UN calendar with special focus on the problems of the African nations. My artwork named "The Dark Madonna" was selected for the exhibition and can be watched at the following link:
My artwork "Moment of Eternity" was selected for publication in the 25th issue of "Artistonish" Art Magazine, August,2022. At the moment the issue is being edited. As soon as it is available for public, I will happily publish the access details!
I am really happy to announce that I have got the «TALENTED PRIZE AWARD” of the 5-th Open International Juried Art Competition, Art Show International Gallery, USA, August 2022 for my artwork named "The Dark Madonna". Another six artworks of mine have got Honorable Mention Reward at the same competition. To see all the winners go to