Fruit Session

A big splash!!! Juicy fruits! Attention!!! That's not chewing gum!

As an artist, I had a special purpose. No, not only one, I had several purposes when creating this masterpiece:)))

I wanted the fruits to be recognisable, the colours to be fresh and clear and I also wanted to paint dynamic movement.

My son said the apples are shouting, but their shout is joyful. I hope so, because for me it was a special impression- I was painting giving out my feelings, my happiness and my joy! I did not want to keep myself to the photo, I was myself! And I like this painting. Maybe it is not good for an artist to enjoy the painting, maybe I should be anxious, but I am happy!!! And my Juicy Fruits are happy, too!

I painted with oil and palette knife on a stretched canvas, 50x60. The painting does not require a frame and can decorate both a kitchen or any space in your home.

Fruit Session

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