Golden Brown

I finished this painting 2 days ago. Before I started making interior art, I didn't really understand it. I always compared it with classic art and it was my mistake. Interior art has completely different goals. It makes your home decoration even more perfect, it emphasizes its style and colours. Besides it may have a lot of content, many meanings. I love paintings you want look at more and more, and always find something you haven't noticed yet. And myself, I try to create my paintings so that they can give you a lot of emotion and pleasure.

This one is rather big, 100x70 cm, it was made with texture paste, professional acrylic paints and fluid silver and gold of different shades.

The colours are very harmonious and in life the painting looks much, much better! I hope once when the covid story is over I can make an exhibition in Budapest so that anyone can see my works and share my emotions.

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