"I started a new life at the age of 52!" - podcast appearence

An extraordinary episode awaits you on Zalatnai Brigitta's podcast titled "Életvezetés" (Life Management) as the incredible Catherine Váradi makes a special appearance. It was an absolute delight to join forces with the wonderful host and share an unforgettable conversation.
The episode takes a captivating dive into Catherine's unique journey. From a humanities student in Moscow to an interpreter in Paks, and ultimately becoming the founder of a family business, a children's camp leader, and a co-owner of the esteemed Golden Duck Gallery in Budapest—her story is truly awe-inspiring.
In this wonderful discussion we talk about how she navigated through diverse roles and carved a path of success. Her ability to effortlessly wield both a paintbrush and the responsibilities of an entrepreneur is nothing short of remarkable.
Join us on this episode as we unravel the secrets behind Catherine's multi-faceted life and uncover the insights she has gained along the way. This is a conversation you won't want to miss!
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