Jack and the cat

How Jack (my hunting dog) turned to become a cat on my artwork.

This is a moment when I feel happy Jack cannot read and thus won’t be insulted by what I am going to write!

I think everybody knows dogs always look like their owners. Or vise versa.

So we weren’t surprised at all when we got our mad Jack – a Hungarian vizsla, officially a hunting dog, but in reality a very clever, smart and absolutely crazy family member, who never hunts (can you imagine a KING sniffing around to find a duck? I cannot, neither can Jack), but used to sleep in my bed and prefers eating on a carpet (the best choice would be to eat from a plate on a table, but Jack is not allowed to do so, to his thinly disguised unsatisfaction).   

We got Jack almost 4 years ago, and in 2020 I started painting. And certainly I painted animals, too, and I discovered the majority of animals I paint bear the hallmarks of Jack’s personality! Somehow an elephant and even a hare created by my hand are like Jack – not afraid of anything, charming cheaters and artists.

I don’t think Jack would mind an elephant, and even a hare would be fine – everybody knows hares are quick, smart and brave.


But a CAT? No-o-o, Jack would say!!! No cats!!!

At the other side, what can I do, If I painted a cat and it looks completely like Jack: full of dignity and fighting spirit?

So Jack, who is sleeping under my blanket now,  will never know who is hiding in my new painting!

I hope that however smart Jack is, he will never learn to read and to browse my website on the computer!