Magic sunset

As I am studying now, I don't have enough time for big artworks, but I am going ahead with watercolour. Because it needs less time to prepare, less space for paint... and because I love it!!! This is a new technique, a bit like fluid art, but with watercolour. The sky which is the main hero of this artwork, is made without brush, just with free flowing of different paints. It is terribly difficult to make, everything is stained with paint - but it is worth the effort! You cannot see it through your phone, but it is so... magic, mysterious, even breathtaking! This light... the threatening dark... -actually all about the today's situation!
Actually, I prepared more paint than I needed, so another artwork is in the carousel. The main one is 30x55 cm.

No time lapse as it is impossible to take video with this technique! And I thank the school of Nadja Lojtloff and Evgenia Kostikova - my artwork is based on her concept.

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