Master of Art


I haven't mentioned yet, but I started my studies to obtain Master of Art degree in painting. I never learned drawing or painting, so I think classic things like drawing geometric forms, still life, composition rules, theory of colours - all these are extremely useful and necessary if I want be really free when creating my own works.
We started with drawing by pencil which is very difficult for me as I don't like pencil at all. Nevertheless I have to struggle with myself and I usually win! Here is one of my homework. I had to make my own still life and to draw it in pencil.
It is a real story how I was looking for porcelain suitable for more or less quick drawing, as all I have at home has very complicated form and colour (old baroque style stuff etc). At last I found a wedding present made to my parents 54 years ago - a marble pattern gilded porcelain, but at least classic form! The rest - finding a matching crystal plate, lemons, placing everything according to classic composition rules, finding right lighting and EVEN drawing turned to be not hard task at all!

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