New still life

My new still life is ready!

Actually, it was a homework at a master's degree course of painting. I had to make a still life so that it has harmony in colours, size, style, etc. Then I made a photo which had to be approved by the teacher. And - the painting process started.

For me, it was really hard because:

- I don't like to paint in full realistic style with oil
- I don't like to paint with brush (i mean in oil techniques)
- I don't like to paint flowers with brush!
So here I had a lot of challenges!
And you see that the textile background, the flower, the flower pot and the porcelain figure are ALL white, so you can imagine what a hard time I had!

The orchid is very special - it started blossoming in my house! You know, flowers do not really like me, maybe because I used to forget watering them)))
But orchids are an exclusion! They bear me, they blossom, so we are happy with each other. That's why I thought this orchid deserves being painted - just for its strength and wish to survive!!!

But I thing this still life could be much more dynamic if I could paint it with palette knife, really! Oil on canvas, 40x50.

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