One day sketch


MUST be painted in 1 day!
That's not a joke! If you want to paint an artwork like this in oil with palette knife, you must do it in 1 day - otherwise you cannot finish it. Next day oil paint becomes a bit more dry, and palette knife doesn't move on canvas smooth enough, so the only thing you can do - continue with brush, but the effect will be completely different.
In landscapes, for example, you can paint sky today and grass tomorrow if the landscape can be divided in two separate parts, but in case of this bouquet I had no chance. So I painted till almost 4 a.m. yesterday, as I wanted to enjoy painting and do it properly.

And, honestly, I like the result! It is so light, impressionist style and you can see the leaves move in the subtle breeze coming from the window. Stretched canvas, 40x50, oil, palette knife

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