One more advantage of our gallery

Besides it being in the center of the famous Ráday street and big street front windows, our gallery has at least one more advantage: we used to keep master classes in the gallery. 

Watching our guests paint is a great attraction for the public. People stand in front of the windows enjoying the sight, snap pictures, come in and take cards - and now they can also watch the exhibition. The more people see the artworks presented in the gallery, the better. 

We enjoy this pleasant mood of art events, with some positive action present in the gallery during the master classes. 

And what is even better is that we normally do master classes at least twice a month on Sundays. When the gallery is officially closed - but at the end of the day, it is OPEN. Isn't it? So, we have even more flexible opening hours than we declare to have! 

Have we already mentioned we are the best?