Our opening was a real success!

We had our Grand Opening ceremony and show on October 15, Saturday, at 5 pm. 

A lot of people came to share this joyful event with us. We showed the exposition. The guests were welcomed with drinks and snacks. 

In the official part, we told the public about the gallery and our plans for the future, introduced the Now or Never Exhibition and the artist Catherine Varadi. We did our best to make the official part entertaining, engaging, and humorous. 

And we enjoyed the show - Darya Vorobchenko and Tamás Gellai @dashunya66@gellaitomi were dancing for us, and Orbay Lilla @lorbaylla was singing beautiful jazz songs. 

After the show, we all could enjoy the meals, talk to each other and of course watch the beautiful artwork. 

Nobody was in a hurry. Our dear guests stayed in the gallery till late at night, which means the party was great! 

In our next post, we'll tell you about THE DUCK LOTTERY 

we had at the opening, so keep with us!