Should a Hungarian artist paint paprika (i.e. sweet pepper) in any case???

I can say - if you are a Hungarian artist, you MUST paint paprika, no choice! I am not Hungarian by birth, I am Russian, but I have been living in Hungary for thirty years (oh, God, is that about me???), so Hungarian paprika, or sweet pepper, became an integral part of my life and a must have ingredient in my cooking.

Even if you don't know what paprika is or do not particularly like it, you can be sure: after a few months of living in Hungary, you will find yourself buying paprika automatically! Dried or fresh, natural or smoked, ground, roasted or stewed, paprika belongs to the everyday life of EVERY HUNGARIAN. Actually, Hungarian paprika as one of the national symbols of Hungary, like samovar or matreshka are symbols of Russia!

So, when I got homework at my pro art class - to paint a vegetable in alla-prima style (that means you paint the whole etude immediatiely), I did not hesitate too long.

I had two paprika sorts at home: TV paprika and Kapia paprika, and I painted them both on a 20x40 stretched canvas. Rather unusual size for canvas, ideal for paptika painting! I think it is a good idea for decorating your kitchen or dining room!

By the way, doctors say, that when you move to a country, you should get used to its cousine, as it is the healthiest for this part of the world!

I could not make the time lapse as I had to interrupt at least 5 times for my family matters, but I made a photo of the start! The photos of how my studio looked like in the process are in the carousel!

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