Sometimes the reality is completely different in comparison with things you have imagined. This is right for all spheres of our life, but I didn't mean real philosophy here. It is just my pomegranate etude that brought me to this conclusion.

I always thought pomegranate is extremely difficult for painting. You know, the colour, the form, the texture, those glowing half transparent seeds… But to my surprise it turned to be much easier to paint than, for example, a teapot or a flower. I painted pomegranate with soft pastel before and hardly noticed how I did it. And now, with oil it was as light as a breath, as easy as a flight and somehow full of emotions! And yes, as usual I forgot to switch on the time lapse in the beginning, but noticed it in the middle of the process! So, the time lapse and my other artworks with pomegranate are in the carousel! Oil on stretched canvas, 30x40 cm

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