Private opening of Golden Duck Gallery

On Friday, October 14, there was a private opening of the gallery for the close friends we have been together with during the last decades. 

The atmosphere was fantastic - so warm, so friendly, and touching. We saw people impressed by the artwork, it made us happy. 

We organized the event like this for the first time, so we were very excited and tried to do our best, paying attention to all details. 

The gallery was beautifully decorated, with flowers from  and balloons in the Golden Duck colors, that is yellow, black, white, and gold (thanks to @the_balloon_budapest). The live music and dance were luxurious, we enjoyed it a lot! 

Our thanks to @dashunya66@gellaitomi@cocossanel and @marton.stummer  who made a performance.

I also thank @anfisabeautycoach for the beautiful Anfisa Brand gift!

We are not revealing all the secrets now - we will do that after the Grand Opening, so please stay tuned!