Religious camp? Are you sure????

Our yearly summer camp is over! It was the 11th Russian orthodox camp we organise in Hungary (with no covid it would have been the 12th). Originally it was made for children from our church school, but we accept children and youths independently of religion and nationality – and I think it is the best way to be Christian. To love, accept and understand everyone!

We spent together 16 beautiful days, full of laugh, joy and love. We have children of different ages – this year the smallest one was 8, the eldest was 25. And this makes all ages be patient and understanding.

We had a lot of sport games, competitions, scene plays, 2 Horror nights – and a lot of really amazing things together. We even spent 4 days in Slovakia, which, taking into consideration the covid restrictions, is a miracle itself.

I took paints with me (acrylic I don’t really like), but I literally had no time for anything but organising the whole stuff. A few times I tried to paint and to draw, and I will write about my feeling and impressions separately. It was the  first experience of plain air in my life so I think it is worth writing about.

And now – enjoy the sights of our camp, our children and smile at what we do! For those who think a religious camp is about frames and restrictions I can just say: watch the photos! Things often differ from what they seem to be!:)))