The day before the opening

Now the gallery looks like it was always open. Its appearance is beautiful and very professional, but it was not always like that.

The day before opening was insane. The framed paintings for the exposition had been shipped the previous day. So we had to place them all so that the exhibition tells a story of how I saw the world in the last two years and how it changed since 2020. We also adjusted the lighting so that every artwork was properly lit.

And that very day the gallery's outdoor design was reconditioned, and it turned out to be excellent - thanks to Alexander Varadi @a.varadi.a, who made the design.

The gallery team was there - we discussed our plans for the future of this gallery. Our friends came to help us. You know what? We have the best team in the world and the best support in the world!

So, I think we MUST be successful. We have no other choice!