The founder of the Golden Duck gallery introduces herself

Dear friends!
I am Catherina Váradi @painting_the_lights , painter and founder of the "Golden Duck" gallery.

I was born in Moscow, went to school there, and graduated from the University there. I have been living in Budapest since 1991. I graduated from Külker college, after which I worked in my own company with my husband until 2020.

That's when I started painting and I haven't been able to stop since. I have subordinated my life to art because I can no longer imagine myself without it. I already had two individual exhibitions and participated in many group exhibitions in different countries, winning prizes in international art competitions.

That's when I understood how important it is for an artist to be able to present his paintings and how much the support of the audience and fellow artists are needed.

This is how the bold idea of creating a new gallery was born. Thank God, my family supported me, and here is the beautiful Golden Duck gallery! I will tell you more details because we have a long and beautiful road ahead of us, I'm sure of that!