The peacock

The peacock is ready!They say it is a symbol of wealth and happiness!

But for me peacock is just a beautiful colourful bird in my favourite colours!

As usual I couldn't manage to make time lapsed video, because I could not find a place to fix my phone. I made a short video, saw that half of the painting cannot be seen and made a few photos instead (in the carousel).

The most difficult thing with this painting was to separate the peacock from the background. Everything is so bright on the photo, and the peacock is lost. So I made some changes to make it the main figure on the artwork.

I "moved" the background, put it to a bigger distance, made it misty and much more pale and so the peacock is seen properly. And the artwork is still bright and colourful!

I made it with brush and palette knife, and it is oil on stretched canvas.

The size is 50x60.

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