The Qatar International Art Festival ended on Friday, September 30.

In the morning, we did some networking and even conducted several interviews with the painters. We also talked to the CEO of the Festival, who was very kind, and took time for the Golden Duck gallery! We will broadcast the video recording of the conversation in the coming days.

The closing ceremony and the awarding of the participants began at 5 p.m. and lasted for several hours. It was an extremely pleasant, warm, and friendly atmosphere. Everyone enjoyed not having to think about politics during the festival and spending these few days cloudless in the company of new friends. Many people came to the performance, as Friday is a public holiday in Qatar, so art lovers came to the festival with their families and they liked the ceremony too.

We started dismantling the stand at 10 p.m. We arrived at the hotel around midnight, and already after 8 a.m., we left for Budapest full of experiences, inspiration, and new plans!