The Rose Bouquet

This rose bouquet is a great victory of mine. Actually I am not a typical woman. I do not like cooking, kitchen, painting glass , vases and flowers in these vases. I prefer them alive in the garden. But in this case I just decided to do it! An Artist must be able to paint roses, I thought. And I did it. As I was sure I couldn’t succeed, I was under pressure and did not like the result. But then I thought -so what? I am here with the roses, I am painting, so I will enjoy the process and do what I want. And I forgot about my fears ( the roses don’t bite anyway) and - here they are. A bit gothic, how I wanted them to be. But they are alive, they are fresh, they are 3D as I used painting tool. The vase is glass and metal, and I like it! Not bad for a person who started to paint just a few months ago! Oil on canvas, no frame needed, 60x50 cm.

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