Town at night

Yesss!!! I did it! Aren't I cool??? A sight of metropolis is the one that makes my heart beat, especially when I see in at dusk

As a person I am a bit suppressed by big cities, I feel too small and somehow vulnerable. It is a question of habit, I think. Moscow has got Its own Moscow city part now, but when I lived there the city looked differently. Budapest doesn't have high buildings at all, it is a question of the tradition. But as an artist, I am mesmerised by a big city special, cosmic beauty! And yes, it is palette knife technique, so I had a flight, and a blow up of emotions painting this!

With palette knife, you have to finish the work as soon as possible, because as soon as paint dries a bit, you cannot go on with palette knife. So I did the buildings and the sky one evening and the water another day. And don't ask me if it was easy to make all these straight lines! Because it wasn't!!!But I am happy now, and that counts! The size is 60x80. I think it would look even more great on a bigger canvas! But in this case I have to have more time to paint - actually I couldn't afford it now

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