Will he fall down?


Will he fall down?
I don't know!

In my story - he won't. He is just playing brave, but he's got a safety rope we can't see from the ground. But that is just my version. I found out everything myself. The whole started when I found a no name photo of a chemical factory on the net. I could not find the author's name anywhere. I don't know why, but I couldn't stop thinking about it. It was some kind of a magic castle - and I wanted to paint it. At first I did a coloured sketch of the magic castle at daytime, after that one more of it at night. The latter was a bit scary, but still it remained just a chemical factory.

And then I found out a story of how high it is, so close to the skies you can touch clouds with your hand. And a young guy who decides to challenge his nerves and bravery and to prove he is cool - and he climbs up to the most dangerous point, where just one step can be the last one in his life.

And I don't know how it ends. I think YOU have to find out the end of YOUR story yourself. Maybe that is the task of an artist - to ask questions, to show the story and to make you think about its end. At hte end of the day, an artwork is not a photo, is it?

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