I call myself an artist creating light and it’s for  a good reason.

I am highly inspired by Light both in literal and metaphorical meanings. I explore the ways of light in life and in the internal space of my artworks, its reflections in people’s lives and faces.

Exploration of Light is very closely bind with the main question of  my art, which is the Choice people make in their lives, how the world around us is influenced by the choice we make.  Actually when people make their choice they take responsibility not only for the microcosm they live in but also for the society and at the end of the day for the whole world.

I think Art must be social, the mission of the Artist is to draw the attention of people to social and human problems surrounding us, to the responsibility we have towards our society, the nature and our planet.

My artworks are based on the contrast of aestetics and anti-aestetics, when at the first glance you see the decorative painting but after examining it you understand the background of the beautiful picture, which sometimes turns to be not so really beautiful. This is a kind of provocation, when the decorative character of an artwork is a way to enhance the social critique which is the core of my art. But sometimes I just allow myself enjoy the beauty of our world and express my happiness and love to the whole universe.

The medium I chose is determined by the character of objects I paint.

But whantever I paint I always use the colour as one of the main artisitc tools. At the same time, I sometimes  reduce the number of colours I use in order to take my audience into a specific territory of art.

I paint artworks in styles of symbolic realism and surrealism. My favourite medium is soft pastel, but I also work with waterolour, oil, acrylic and mix media.