Services offered

1. Is framing available for all works?

We provide the opportunity to purchase a picture with or without a frame.

2. Who is responsible for the cost of framing?

If you would like to purchase a picture with a frame, we charge an additional fee for it. The price will depend on which frame you choose.

3. Will the artwork include the artist's signature?

Almost all paintings by the artist have the personal signature of the author.

4. Is a certificate of authenticity provided?

All artworks for sale on our web-site come with a certificate of authenticity that is signed by the artist.

5. Can I negotiate the price of an artwork with the artist?

The prices presented on the site are set and approved by the author and do not change. There’s always no harm in asking! You can contact the author and discuss this issue. We are willing to negotiate the prices of their artwork. The artist may reject your offer, or make a counter-offer.

6. Are the artworks available as prints?

All works on our website are original artworks, they are unique and can be reproduced after discussion with the author.

7. How long will it take before I receive an answer?

We try to immediately answer your questions and satisfy all your requirements.

8. Can I get one-on-one help finding original art?

We are always happy to help you in choosing paintings. Contact us and we will provide our assistance. Our role is to introduce collectors to an artist's works. But you need to look through lots of artworks to make this happen, and we can help you save time! We can offer you a personalized selection which is chosen especially for you. To receive this selection, you can contact us.

9. I want to give art as a present but I don't know what to choose. What can I do?

It's a great idea to give art as a gift! However, it can be tricky to choose an artwork for another person, even if you know them well. We can talk about the person you want to give art to, and think about what they like and what would suit their home. Then we can offer you a personalized selection within your budget.

10. Do I have to pay for the art advisory service?

Not at all - it is a key part of our mission to introduce collectors to new artworks.

11. The work I wanted is no longer available - can I commission a similar work?
We accept commissions so, please, get in touch if the work you love is no longer available!